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Frequently asked questions:

What is Bortox6?

Bortox6 is 24/7 video surveillance without any extra wiring, Bortox6 uses PLC or Power line communication technology. It can transfer High Definition (Full HD) Audio and video throw existing power plugs in your home or business.

What is PLC or power line communication?

PLC or power line communication is a new technology uses to transfer high-speed data from existing power lines or power plugs. With PLC technology you won’t need Wire or WIFI for devices communication.

What is the difference between Bortox6 and wired security cameras?

Bortox6 security camera kit doesn’t need any wiring,  just plug the cameras to your existing power plug in your home or business and connect the video recorder device (PLC NVR) to any other plugs into the same house or business. NVR will communicate with camera throw existing power line in your home or business. By wired security cameras you need to run communication cable from the camera to video recorder (expensive cost of wiring and effect home or business design), but Bortox6 just uses existing power line wires and doesn’t need any extra wiring.

What is the difference between Bortox6 and Wireless or WIFI security cameras?

In WIFI or Wireless security cameras you need WIFI or wireless communication. In most of the WIFI devices WIFI or wireless signal is weak and does NOT support distance between sender (wireless camera) and receiver (router or receiver device) in excellent quality, but with Bortox6 PLC you will have excellent communication up to 984 feet.

Does Bortox6 need any batteries?

No, Bortox6 uses existing power from electric plug. It doesn’t need any batteries or other power sources.

What is included in Bortox6 security camera kit?

– 4 HD 720p or Full HD 1080p IP security cameras with 6.5-feet waterproof plug cable.

 – 1 PLC NVR (network video recorder) with 3.5-feet plug cable.

 – 1 Hard Drive 1TB (1TB HDD).

– 4 sets of screws and 4 adjusting tools.

– English user manual and CD.

How much is the quality of Bortox6's cameras?

Bortox6 has HD 720P (1280×720) and Full HD 1080P (1980×1080) quality cameras. NVR is the same in both options.

Is the camera, outdoor waterproof?

Yes, the cameras are waterproof. You can install them indoor or outdoor as you wish.

Can they work in night mood?

Yes, the cameras designed for day and night with Full HD video quality. Night mood range for the cameras is 200 feet in total darkness.

Can I install them without special experience?

Yes, you can do it yourself. Most people can install Bortox6. It doesn’t need any wiring, Just plug the cameras to your existing power plug and plug the receiver to any other plugs in your home or business and enjoy 24/7 high-resolution video surveillance. Also, user manual and installation tutorial video is available.

      Why Bortox6 power line communication (PLC) is a better option?