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Video Surveillance System Estimate

Video Surveillance System Estimate

Video Surveillance System Estimate Description :

How to use the Security Camera Estimate Online software? 

1. To Get an Estimate for your Security Camera System Click here

2. Then click on GET STARTED

3. Choose Your property type Between Residential or Commercial and click NEXT STEP

(You can always read the instructions on each step in the Estimate Online Tool)

Video Surveillance System Estimate

Now You need to choose the type of security camera systems you need

There are 3 options:

1. Hardwired IP Camera system: IP Camera system or Network cameras will use Ethernet cables like Cat5e or Cat6, This type of Cameras are the newest in the market and they are very popular because they have excellent FULL HD video quality and many features. Ethernet cameras or IP Cameras don’t necessarily need an INTERNET connection to work, Internet connection is needed only when you want to see cameras on your mobile phone or PC and when the internet is disconnected system will continue to work and will record videos in internal Hard Drive.

2: Hardwired AHD Camera System: AHD Cameras are reliable and will deliver stable video with RG59 Cable or Coaxial Cable. This type of cameras are cheaper in price and lower maintenance cost with same Full HD video quality.

3. Wireless IP Camera System: Wireless IP cameras will have same video quality as IP Cameras Or AHD Cameras and will transfer the video data throw WIFI signal 2.4G or 5G. Wireless IP has a pretty good range (660 Feet Total range) of wireless and will deliver stable Full HD video without running the communication Cable, It’s ideal when hard-wiring is NOT possible.

Video Surveillance System Estimate

  • Note:
  • IP Camera System wires:
  • Choose the camera type in IP Camera, Then you need to choose Wire Type Cat5e or Cat6 both can work will all type of IP cameras, Only Difference is CAT5e is cheaper and support up to 1GB/S, CAT6 is more expensive and can support up to 10GB/S. If you want to upgrade your system in future (Next 10 years) choose CAT6, Also Cat5e can still work for future upgrades but not as good as CAT6.


Each Security Camera System MUST have following parts:

1. Choose Cameras: depend on type and quality, (Number of cameras will be as number as you need to cover your property).

2. Choose Video Recorder: NVR for IP cameras & XVR for AHD Camera, (Number of the video recorder channels MUST be equal or more than the number of cameras you need).

3. Choose Power for cameras: IP Cameras need POE or Power Over Ethernet Switch, which provides power and data communication for IP camera, (Number of the POE switch channels MUST be equal or more than the number of cameras you need). AHD Cameras (Power supply included in XVR price)

4. Choose Hard Drives: Internal Hard Drives Will record and keep the videos and you don’t need to pay cloud fee or slow down your internet speed, Hard Drive capacity is optional (on average 4 cameras need 1TB for 7 days 24/7 recording).

5. Choose the installation: (Choose the number of installation equal to the number of cameras).


  • After customizing your Video Surveillance System Click on NEXT and you will see your total cost.
  • You can always find the order details from right top corner menu, Menu name is “CLICK HERE AND VIEW THE ORDER SUMMARY”
  • If you want the system you chose to be installed in your property, fill the last step form, (First name and address and ….) and click on ORDER MY SECURITY CAMERA SYSTEM, We will send you a confirmation Email with order details.
  • In Email, You will see a payment link, the payment will be 20% deposit of total order cost, Please pay the deposit in our secured credit or debit card payment link and your order will be confirmed and our representative will contact you to schedule the installation time and date, Also you can change or customize your order anytime and we will be more than happy to help you on that.
  • Please Call Us at 1-844-267-8699 if you have any questions.

Prices are ONLY valid in Houston, TX

Video Surveillance System Estimate HELP :

  • We will send you “order confirmation” to your Email.
  • If you didn’t receive ” The order confirmation Email ” After 5 minutes please check your spam box in your Email.
  • In  “order confirmation Email”  you can find the payment link, payment will be 20% of your total order for deposit and book your installation.
  • After we received your deposit payment your order will be confirmed and BORTOX SECURITY SYSTEMS representative will contact you within 1 business day.
  • You can cancel and change your order anytime without any charges.
  • If you already made the payment and need to cancel or change, please let our representative know and we will fully refund your deposit payment to your original payment method.

We appreciate your business.

Bortox Team